Allow Me To Introduce Myself

This is my blog of inspiration; a spot for creative epiphanies to explode into word.   From life’s lessons to lesson plans, this blog is about written therapy, motherhood in Orlando, and all in all my life.

20171007_153658.jpgI am a Wife.

I am a Mom.

I am a Step-Mom.

I am a Sister.

I am a Daughter.

I am a Granddaughter

Over the past five years I’ve been married for the second time (twice), become a mom, an aunt, a sister-in-law, ridiculously rich, ridiculously poor (that was quick), a Texan, an Alabamian, and now a Floridian.  My childhood was defined by loss and poverty (and I cherish every evolutionary moment), my adulthood has been defined by life itself, never missing a moment to expand my world through exotic experiences of spontaneity.  My husband is wildly eccentric, and our children share our incredible passion for adventure.  Join us as we indulge in the wonders of Orlando (within and beyond the ears), in lesson plans for little hands, and in lessons learned by our aging hearts.

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