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5 Super Easy Ways to Support Your Blogger Friends

"Stop giving the people in your life homework," a friend of mine said when I discussed my struggle to receive any feedback from friends or family on my memoir I completed last fall. A writer cannot have a career without an audience, homework is just kind of part of the having a writer in your… Continue reading 5 Super Easy Ways to Support Your Blogger Friends

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5 Must Read Real Life Supernatural Thrillers

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small amount of money and you are granted the opportunity to support a starving blogger if you make a purchase using these links. I have officially started my third novel, that is yet again another memoir.  This one though has a twist, it's all about the… Continue reading 5 Must Read Real Life Supernatural Thrillers

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5 Game Changers That Could Stop School Violence

There has been so much conversation on school tragedy after school tragedy this year and the many ways that the government should handle it, or the educational institutions should fix it. Ideas like lock downs, gun control, hyped security measures are being thrown around. These things, though possibly a patch to slow the frequency of… Continue reading 5 Game Changers That Could Stop School Violence

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7 Ways I am Coping With My PTSD As A Mom

The first time I was diagnosed with PTSD I was in my early twenties, over a decade after the very sudden loss of my father just a few days before my 11th birthday.  The treatments for this was a blend of anti-anxiety medicines, antidepressants, mild forms of hypnotism, and months (well in reality years) of therapy. … Continue reading 7 Ways I am Coping With My PTSD As A Mom

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Today’s Medical Industry Conditions are Really Getting Under My Skin

I have not had insurance since I was 22.  Overtime I've learned to cope, I treated my own flu, tummy ache, and injuries.  Short of having babies I have seen the inside of only one other doctor's office in a decade.  I had a blood clot scare two years ago, and instead the blood test… Continue reading Today’s Medical Industry Conditions are Really Getting Under My Skin

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Flightless in the Suburbs

It was called the block of dreams, at least at one point in time.  Each house unique and welcoming, each yard a vibrant splash of green contrasting the dull desert terrain of West Texas.  On this quaint block lived a stereotypical nuclear family.  A step-father that read the paper and watched the game.  A mom… Continue reading Flightless in the Suburbs

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Behind the Blog- 2017 Edition

So this year was an interesting journey where I started out strong for Shopgirl, but then as The House of R transitioned from 8 months of homelessness into our Our Little Castle in Orlando I felt more impassioned to share our journey than business gossip.  I found so many hours being drained away into research… Continue reading Behind the Blog- 2017 Edition

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Words I Refuse To Spell Correctly

My linguistics professor once said that as soon as we were done with his class we would never be able to spell again and I'd love to blame a distinguished education on my common misspellings through my blog, books, and day to day corresspondences...but indeed most are intentional while the rest are...well... Allot- In 3rd… Continue reading Words I Refuse To Spell Correctly

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Ode to Lamesa

My brother Chase and I loved stories.  Wether through books, movies, TV shows, or writing tall tales ourselves we were mesmerized by the many working pieces that compiled to bring a setting and character to life.  We lived in a small town that sat in the center of a region that I now refer to… Continue reading Ode to Lamesa

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Wrapping Up The Magic of Christmas

I don't really remember the day mom finally confirmed the dreaded rumors that Santa was merely a figment of the imagination because it never really made a difference.  Even as I took my turn as a teenager playing Santa for my younger brothers I never stopped believing in the magic of him. As a child… Continue reading Wrapping Up The Magic of Christmas