Around the House

Saving Christmas In Alabama

"It's already Christmas Eve and I feel like it never really felt like Christmas all month," I looked up at Nanny Sam with a face of absolute disappointment.  Externally of course I'm sure it seemed that The House of R was having the merriest Christmas of all, the tree was up, the banisters were lined in… Continue reading Saving Christmas In Alabama

Around the House

6 Essential Tips to Ridding Your House of Fleas

It doesn't matter if you are the cleanest person on this planet, fleas can happen, and they can happen to anyone.  Our worst bout of fleas or as we refer to that Chilly Fall two years ago, Flea-mageddon, took me 8 weeks to be fully flea free.  But the tears, the disgust, and the embarrassment… Continue reading 6 Essential Tips to Ridding Your House of Fleas

Around the House, My Personal Perspective

Sweet Wretched Vindication

It's not often that I feel a tinge from the bug of spite, but boy have I harbored a doozy of a chip on my shoulder over the eviction from our sweet humble home in Alabama.  It was a half acre lot with a beautiful backdrop of the rolling Tennessee Valley.   In the spring… Continue reading Sweet Wretched Vindication

Around the House, My Personal Perspective

First World Problems

I was raised in a home where I never wanted for anything of necessity, there was always a hot meal (or cold pizza on my favorite mornings) and a roof over my head.  This did not come without sacrifice, these things were not just ordained upon me.  I understand that there was no fairy with… Continue reading First World Problems

Around the House, My Personal Perspective

The House of R is Temporarily House-less

The House of "R" has more been the House of Usher this past month, and I'm not only referring to it's crumbling state after the last set of tornados in our neighborhood.   More I'm referring to the lack of home all together, no it may not have deteriorated off a cliff when the rain… Continue reading The House of R is Temporarily House-less

Around the House, homeschool

Our Classroom

I just love glancing around at the blog world, and peeking into other mom's perfect, neat and orderly, with furniture I wish I could afford or had the talent to construct layouts!  I by no means can keep up with the races of over the top Pinterest rooms, but I have been slowly revamping our… Continue reading Our Classroom