Frida Kahlo Activities- Art History For Tots

I already posted about my inspiration to this weekly artist focus, as well as to why poor Frida only received a 3 out of a 5 day focus here.

Frida Art History

For this lesson I collected odds and ends of things to collage, and draw with.  So a pile of old Southern Living and Traditional Home Magazines, accompanied by the Coca Cola/ Cream Soda bottle caps fished out of the bottle opener catch spout, popsicle sticks, and a quick ravage through the treasure trove of well intended crafty hoardings of odds and ends past and I was completely set for three entire days of Activities.

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The Activities

Day 1- Our Self Portraits  

approx. 1 hour


I introduced Frida to the kids with the picture book Me, Frida.

B particularly related to this book as it covered the time in Frida’s life where she lived in San Francisco and she had to find her place in a land far from her own heart’s home.  

 We then observed a series of her self-portraits on a slide show I compiled and discussed:

  • Although they are all of Frida, how were all these portraits different?
  • Where is Frida in this portrait, what are your clues?
  • How do you think she feels in each photo?


20180621_173026.jpgI then loosely followed the directions of Crayola’s Frida Kahlo lesson plan, instead of animals we focused on setting.

B who is 8 was spot on, and greatly appreciated an opportunity to perfect the proportions of drawing a face, meanwhile Li’l A who is 5 just enjoyed the opportunity to learn to draw a face altogether.  I enjoyed creating my own likeness so that we had three different perspectives of faces and surroundings.

We colored our self-portraits with map colors and added our own background.   The kids started to lose interest when it came to actually coloring it all in, so the end results came out with a lot of white blank space, and that’s okay, it’s art, and should be enjoyed not forced.

They were still proud to show them off to dad that night.

Day 2- Frida’s Home

approx. 45 mins

B and Lil A showed great concern for Frida and her journey back to “home”, (this was quite understandable as our process of buying a new home seems to keep hitting one snag after another).   When I found a La Casa Azul Lesson Plan on the Fun for Spanish Teacher’s page I couldn’t resist.


I started the day with yet another slideshow.  This one was of Frida’s many homes, which was accompanied by my own summary of her and Diego’s journey together.  Then I announced we would be making our own version of Frida’s lifelong “home”, La Casa Azul.


We started with one giant 12″ X 12″ blue card stock scrapbooking page and folded it into a large Origami house:

B really enjoyed the origami while Li’l A and Baby K (who is now 3) particularly enjoyed sifting through magazines to find gorgeous pictures of flowers for Frida’s courtyard.

I printed out a black and white photo of Frida and let the kids color in her portrait and then glue her down inside the courtyard they had designed for her.

The homes turned out beautiful, I do think I should have pointed out to B that he should glue the largest things first and add the smaller things on top last.

Day 3- Frida Altar

approx. 45 mins

This was my absolute favorite project of the week!

I wanted a chance for the kids to get creative and hands on, without the opportunity to stress over “perfection.”

I didn’t want to invest in a shadow box, and I didn’t want to get lost in the details of building one so I kept it simple.  I printed a variety of Frida self portraits, grabbed some popsicle sticks, paint, and scrapbook paper.  I then (finally) busted open my always meant to use someday collection of crafty trinkets: buttons, pom-poms, soda bottle caps, soda can tabs, butterflies, fabric flowers, etc.  Don’t spend any extra cash, just grab whatever you have handy.


I told the kids to think about:

  • Frida’s life
  • Frida’s home
  • Frida’s inspirations

I wanted them to make an altar that they felt would pay proper tribute to her brilliance, journey, and talent.

I asked the kids “from her portraits, what can you tell Frida loved?”

  • She loved animals
  • She loved color
  • She loved Mexico
  • She loved Diego
  • She loved Casa Azul



The kids first laid out the popsicle sticks on a large 12″ X 12″ piece of card stock scrapbooking paper.

Then we traced the Perimeter to see where we should cut the paper, and I encouraged the kids to draw out a shape to add to the top.  Both chose hearts. (I really tried to sell someone on a butterfly.)

They painted the popsicle sticks with Crayola washable finger paint, and while we waited for the paint to dry the kids cut their “frames” out.

It was all pretty simple form there, just glue on the picture, the sticks, and then “stuff”.  The “stuff” was of course laid down with  the hot glue gun and mom’s assistance.

I let the kids put a final touch of embellishment with glitter glue and I think they turned out fantastic!

That is all for today in the House of R!

Planning to try these great works?!  I want to see!!  Feel free to post all masterpieces to Instagram, call me out @ourprincesscastle or tag it #HouseofRArtRoom


Further Ideas And Inspiration


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