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Is This Tomorrowland Attraction Getting iCanned?

When Push the robotic, mobile, talking trashcan was rumored to be removed from the Disney parks after a 19 year run, there was perhaps just as large of an uproar from Disney fanatics as the efforts to hold on to the red headed wench of Pirates of the Caribbean this past year.  Then only two days after Disney officials denied any such allogations there was a public notice on their employee website announcing the removal of the strangely beloved talking garbage can.

Three years later, in April of 2017, Disney brought on a contract based attraction that was a robot that would roam around Tomorrowland and create personalized interactions with park guests.  Such as asking customers in electric scooters to dance, discussing interesting trivia about Texas with Texans, or singing old time classic songs that everyone could enjoy.

The contracted attraction must have not been renewed from a possible one year trial, as it is rumored next week, at almost exactly one year since it’s debut this fun, and surprisingly controversial attraction to Disney enthusiasts will be no more.  So those who found it too retro for the the Tomorrowland of today will find relief, and considering the short stint on the park grounds there will be little notice beyond “whatever happened to that robot I saw at Magic Kingdom that one time,” followed by a presumable, “oh, well.”  After all he is only one in a long line of interactive robots dumped by Disney over the past 30 plus years, perhaps now we will finally see a Wall-E character wandering along the Carousel of Progress.

Did you get the opportunity to interact with iCan this past year?  What did you think?  








Feature Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash


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