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5 Must Read Real Life Supernatural Thrillers

Instagram-Worthy (1)I have officially started my third novel, that is yet again another memoir.  This one though has a twist, it’s all about the spooky and supernatural adventures I have experienced.  I have been avoiding writing this story, but the need to tell it is so great that it has overpowered my muse and left me with the longest stand off that has ever taken place between this girl and a blank white page.   So I’m writing, and the words are flowing with ease.  I don’t know if I will ever share it, but I’m glad to get the stories down on paper at last!

In excitement I thought I may share with you some of the great real life spooky books that have given me real life insight and chills all rolled into one.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small amount of money and you are granted the opportunity to support a starving blogger if you make a purchase using these links.


Grave’s End

In 1982 Elaine Mercado, R.N. moved into a home with her husband and two daughters in Brooklyn, NY.  Over the course of 13 years she goes from the occasional bump in the night to a full on warfare with an unfamiliar spiritual realm.  From orbs, to shadows, to pet encounters, and even exorcisms, this story delves into the relationship between a mother and her daughters as they survive the most terrifying experience of their lives together.

This book is perhaps my second favorite book as far as the authenticity of the experiences and the personal connection that you make with the author and her family that is so very rare in these types of novels.

To purchase Graves End follow this link.

House of Spirits and Whispers

Every home endures a journey as does the residents in it.  When Annie Wilder spots a beautiful historic home over a century old she could not begin to imagine all the issues it might hold beyond the quirkiness form a triplex remodel it had endured years before.

Leon was an elderly man who had once lived in the back, but never truly left.  This is a tale of a family and the first row seat the inhabited to the shadows of their home’s colorful past.

To purchase House of Spirits and Whispers follow this Link

Don’t Call Them Ghosts

Not all ghosts have to be scary, at least that is Kathleen McConnell’s take when she is welcomed into the dream home she had been eyeing from her commute for years by the spirits of three young children.

This book opened my eyes in my early twenties to the reality that ghost stories didn’t necessarily have to be terrifying to be captivating.   It was refreshing, heartwarming and inspiring all in one.  This has to be hands down my all time favorite book I have ever read in my life!

To purchase Don’t Call Them Ghosts follow this Link

Ghosts of the McBride House

One of the oldest homes in the oldest town in the entire state of Oklahoma, as if Oklahoma isn’t strange enough. 😉  This is a classic tale of family in a historic victorian home and their journey to uncovering the entities that seemed to make themselves prevalent and unruly houseguests.

This is perhaps the book that resonated with me the most as their experiences greatly mirrored my own.  The lights, the toys, the singling out of individual family members, anyone who has lived in a classically haunted house will find reassurance of your sanity when reading this book!

To purchase Ghosts of the McBride House follow this Link

The Ghosts on 87th Lane

When the Woelm family settled on their home on 87th Lane in 1968 they did not know they were in for more than four decades of much more greater thrills then just the occasional bump in the night.   M. L. Woelm has been recording the spooky happenings in the haunted house she still calls home nearly half a century later.

Definitely an intriguing read.  I’m excited to go back and reread this novel soon, finding myself now a stay at home mom as well.

To Purchase The Ghosts On 87th Lane follow this link

I have read many many supernatural books, some that were page turners, others that were head nodders.   These are by far my favorite 5 so far.

Next up on my TBR List:

Highly rated and widely read I’m excited for this true paranormal mystery thriller to arrive in the mail!

“After experiencing footsteps at night, opening doors, strange sounds and activity that centered around the library, they investigate, unearthing the mansion’s tragic past and changing their beliefs about the supernatural world.”

I’m excited to once again have my belief challenged and swayed.  Want to read along with me?

To Purchase Night Stalks The Mansion follow this link

Have you read any of the books on this list?  Any you may want to suggest?


6 thoughts on “5 Must Read Real Life Supernatural Thrillers”

  1. I loved reading this post especially because I love reading thrilling supernatural stories! Im not sure how much I believe them or maybe do but I love spooky stories. I would really love to read Dont call them ghosts as I always wonder why do they always have to be scary and evil beings could there be friendly ones.


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