The Joy of Listening: Lessons in Proverbs

In Preparation

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The best lesson inspirations come to me when I least expect them.   Casually scrolling through my Facebook feed I noticed a mom friend of mine ask for referrals on a book that may help her teach positive morals and proverbs to her kids.  Being naturally nosey and always looking for new tools that worked for other moms to teach other children I decided to read the comments to see what was there.   One of the mom’s suggested this book, a sample of it can be found here: Get Wisdom!  This book provides 23 unique lessons for young children that help to develop the basic building blocks towards a more Godlike perspective.
There are so many ways this book can be utilized, just a nightly reflection with your children on it’s own, or a morning bible study to help develop positive habits and plant the seeds of verse memorization.  Me myself?  I’m of course developing an entire 23 part unit on Proverbs for the month of March leading into Easter.

Day one we are focusing on Listening.  I wanted a story to illustrate the idea of listening, and so I pulled out our Beginner’s Bible.  I have been using this version for three years now and my kids love it.  The illustrations and easily translated stories make it fun for kids to get involved with the stories from the Bible and gain wisdom with guidance as well as on their own.  This book can be found here.  Today I decided we would focus on the story of Mary and Martha.   I found a great download for a completely FREE activity download here at Mrs. Jones Creation Station.

The Lesson:


First I talked to the girls about listening.  What is listening?

  • What do we hear with?
  • What do we see with?
  • What do we speak with?

Second we read the story of Mary and Martha

  • Who was listening?
  • How can you tell?
  • Who was not listening?
  • How can you tell?
  • Who was doing right?

Third we opened and discussion the verse and ideas presented by the Get Wisdom! book and then  listed out different ways we listen.

  • What are some situations where we listen to Mom?
  • What are some situations where we listen to Dad?
  • What are some situations where we listen to our Sister?
  • What are some situations where we listen to God?

What are we communicating to others when we listen to them?

How does this Relate Back to Mary and Martha?

  • What was Mary Communicating to God?
  • What was Martha Communicating to God?

We completed the discussion with a color, cut, and glue activity where we discussed where our priorities should lie in our day to day life.

Our Little Castle Presents_ Lesson Plans (1)


Further Points of Inspiration


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