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Ode to Lamesa

My brother Chase and I loved stories.  Wether through books, movies, TV shows, or writing tall tales ourselves we were mesmerized by the many working pieces that compiled to bring a setting and character to life.  We lived in a small town that sat in the center of a region that I now refer to as desolate and despair, and as young children we promised ourselves we would put Lamesa on the map with one of our great best selling works of literature we created as adults.

With the quick glance as you speed down Hwy 87 Lamesa doesn’t look like much, or anything at all if you blink at just the right moment.  But if you take time to look deeper you will see the whispering and mysterious tales of history that have always seemed to haunt this small town.

No one sets out in life to end up in Lamesa on purpose, Lamesa in a way finds you, sort of like a destiny/damnation thing (however you choose to perceive it).  My brother and I though loved growing up in Lamesa.  The schools had unique curriculums and impassioned teachers, a small community made for closer classes, and Chase and I felt surrounded by friends.  The small scale of the town did not make it difficult for mom to have Chase in karate and myself in Girl Scouts while my dad just always seemed to be a away for work.

Some may assume that a dark cloud of September 22, 1996 would loom over our memories of Lamesa, but in fact there were so many magical days beyond that one that we have nothing but fondness for this town we for five very vital years of our lives had the sincere pleasure to call home.

I remember Chase begging me to make a mixed tape with Aqua’s Barbie Girl for his first love Shayla, and receiving my first absolutely breathtaking homecoming mum which bestowed long black and gold streamers and trinkets, (and still sits safely away in a box in what I like to call “northern storage” (a storage unit in North Dallas)).  Speaking of that special mum, I’m still as “friends” as any millennial gets in this day and age of Facebook and Instagram with that boy who showed me kindness in only the first dark chapter of my life.  A lot of life has passed in those 20 years, some we are happy to share, some we would probably rather not talk about, and yet here we are now with the occasional IG comment as if that day sharing popcorn balls and ice skating in the Odessa mall was only a week ago.

He may not know it yet, but he is going to help me show you the magic of our childhood, because he has a talent for photography to capture the whispers that I simply can not no matter how hard I try…

Perhaps my fondest memories are Sunday matinees with my brother, Friday nights at the skating rink with my friends, and Saturday night family excursions to the Drive-in Theatre:

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The silver screen

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We welcomed the cool evening breezes in the summer, and the sunrises/sunsets were each uniquely unbeatable.

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Beautiful morning in west Texas

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And what about those mysterious whispers I was referring to?  From lived in houses, to the strange abandoned homes that seem to scatter the highways and country roads there are stories in the desolation that stir the dullest of imaginations.

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I have yet to write a novel that takes place in the desolate wonder of that town as promised, but it’s whimsical decay still sings ballads to my muse.   Although I’m so far away I can still see the ghosts in these pictures, and the essence of the town is stirred back to life in my soul.  I sometimes wonder if without that chapter in my life to explore a town with so many stories of the past lining my day to day life if my imagination and storytelling ability would be as alive as it is today.  What ignited your muse as a child, that still inspires you today?

Chase did write and record a song a few years back, below is a recording of him singing the song in 2012.

To check out Chase’s Album please visit:


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