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Wrapping Up The Magic of Christmas

I don’t really remember the day mom finally confirmed the dreaded rumors that Santa was merely a figment of the imagination.  It never really made a difference though.  Even as I took my turn as a teenager playing Santa for my younger brothers I never stopped believing in the magic of him.

As a child I didn’t go to bed wondering what toys Santa would bring me for Christmas, instead I went to bed wondering what paper it would be wrapped in.  One year my gifts must have been on the bottom of the pile as it seemed the elves ended having to resort to the back up for the back up wrapping paper with its dull off white underlay scattered with clumps of pastel Apache stripes.  The next Christmas it was evident Santa’s Elves had received extra funding for research in the wrapping department with beautiful shiny blue paper that was lined with white lavish carousel horses.

The magic is in the paper.

Every Thanksgiving week I charge the Christmas aisles to be sure I have the pick of the best, most magical wrappings for Christmas.  This year I picked an extravagant gold wrapping with jungle creatures donning Christmas Wreaths hanging about their necks.  I swooned could I ever find a more perfect Santa paper?  It was absolutely gorgeous, astute, and magical; The perfect balance from the regal whimsy that is Santa’s workshop.

I wondered when B arrived if he would still believe in Santa.  He is eight now, and I know it is often that kids in school will talk.  Or even that his mother, who seems to be eager for him to mature but not so much grow up may have decided that last Christmas may be the last for Santa.

The night B arrived our family Christmas festivities were already in full swing.  He was met with a traditional Christmas feast of Coffee rubbed ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and rolls.  Suddenly, sleigh bells could be heard just outside our home.  The kids exchanged looks just before the stampede to the door to investigate this jingling further.  Through the glass of the front door stood a large man with a beard, a cherry red cap, and a bag bursting with what was undoubtedly toys.  I watched B as his eyes shot nearly out of is head with not a hint skepticism, this would truly be another magical Christmas (despite the face he makes in the following photo).

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The magic of Christmas. 💚🎅💚

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Santa sat in a large chair in our library as the kids took turns telling him exactly what they wanted.  B wanted a rainbow light saber, Li’l A requested a unicorn ice cream pooper maker, and baby K just repeated everything her sister said.  I don’t think we could have had a more magical evening as the entire family then gathered round to take their turns posing for pictures with Santa.

The trees, the gifts, the lights, the family, the food, the surprise guest, the Christmas magic was truly alive that beautiful Saturday night.


Then came Christmas morning and Santa left gifts for everyone just where he had sat only a week before.  There were even presents left for mom and dad.  The kids bowled over in amazement as B opened a build your own light saber kit of various colors, Li’l A opened a unicorn ice cream maker, and Baby K a Pocahontas dress.  Just as the last scrap of paper hit the floor B held a shredded piece of it in his hand as he sat in wonder, “Santa picks the best wrapping paper.”

Wrapping up the Magic of Christmas.png


6 thoughts on “Wrapping Up The Magic of Christmas”

  1. I like the paper, too! I bought some this year with sparkles on it and realized that was a mistake! I still have sparkles showing up throughout my house. I won’t make that mistake again. Your Christmas looks like it went very well, with happy children and parents.

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