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3 Things A Mom Wants Out of A Children’s Menu

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with cooking competition shows, Cut Throat Kitchen definitely blows all the rest out of the park if I had to choose a favorite.

Sometimes I love to hear the perspectives on food from the chefs, it opens my mind to trying new and exciting things.   The other night Mr. R and I sat down to indulge in a good hour of our old friend Alton when a guest chef on his show mentioned how much she detested Children’s Menus and refused to use them in her own restaurant because they dumbed down food for kids.

LIfe is What you make it. (19).pngPerhaps I had just had a bad day, or perhaps something with my dinner was unsettled, but whatever it is this statement really “ground my gears”.   A series of thoughts shot out from my mind and into the image of this pompous blonde in the TV screen.  She was either one or all of these things:

  • Short Sighted
  • Narrow Minded
  • Greedy
  • Just Trying To Drive Me Nuts

I am not angry because I want my kids to live off the nutritious diet of chicken fingers, corn dogs, and mac and cheese, I’m mad because I don’t.  Here is a chef that takes the time to consider the fact that kids need to nurture a sophisticate palette to grow into a healthy habit formed adult, but instead of doing something about it she cuts kids out of the picture all together.

I am driven nuts when I go out to eat and a chef who has an entire pantry of opportunity laying at their fingertips the only thing they can come up with to inspire my child’s passion for food is a cheese quesadilla.  Are you kidding me?  How hard would it be to just toss a little spinach even just some shredded chicken in there?

As a mom, this is what I want out of a Children’s Menu:

Portioning & Price Point

I don’t particularly want to pay 20 bucks, for my three year old to shower your floor with artichokes and a 12 oz steak.  I want a meal that fits the size of their stomachs.

Nutrition Value

There is no worse mom guilt than the my kid eats only cheese and fried foods mom guilt.  Help a mother out by offering me options with vitamins.  I will frequent your establishment more often if I can leave feeling my children received a well balanced meal.

A Challenge to Their Palette 

I get it, most kids hate vegetables, but vegetables are a necessary evil to raising a healthy child.  Challenging their palette is the most critical step I feel as a mom with a priority of raising healthy children.   When my 7 year old step son arrived in June this past summer he pronounced his newly reclaimed disgust for spinach; to the point that he flat out refused to eat it without the accompaniment of tears for extra seasoning.  After three weeks and a few creative meals I had him asking for seconds of raw spinach by August.

All it takes is a little thought and planning.  You don’t have to be an upscale restaurant to offer nutritional food to kids.

Won't eat chicken, turkey, or beef…but salmon cakes are a hit! Finally some protein !!!!

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Officially farmers! 🙂

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Delicious Spinach Mac & Cheese bites for Miss Aislyn!

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